Linkedeyes is an online marketplace for local marketing and advertising space. We believe local businesses of all kinds need access to exciting opportunities to engage with their community. Linkedeyes provides an innovative marketplace platform where marketing space of any kind can be offered and purchased. 

One person's grey blank wall is another person's ticket to success. Whether it's an empty shop window, a parking lot wall, a magazine back page, a sports field banner, a two-acre meadow, the side of your truck or even the sail of your yacht, someone would love to use it to promote their business.

The market for outdoor and bespoke advertising space has been dominated by established market players providing services to big global business. Name a big brand and they are big and bold on your high street but yet there exists little opportunity for local businesses to engage with the community they operate in easily and cost effectively. Linkedeyes is excited to address this imbalance. 

No matter what the size of your business we help you connect with local customers in creative and provoking ways. 

Linkedeyes marketplace also connects the owners of visual space like landlords, sportsgrounds, media owners, fleet operaters and offers them a unique opportunity to leverage their visual assets in new creative ways that no other platform provides.