Local business matters 

Linkedeyes aims to solve three challenges:

Providing businesses with effective and affordable local advertising opportunities. Supporting retail landlords and agents to rent properties faster, Uplifting the High Street and making it more attractive and enticing for the community. 

Here's how it works

Linkedeyes is the leading hyperlocal display advertising platform that provides digital display and social advertising deep into the community. This enables local businesses to build stronger, more recognised and trusted customer relationships.

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Here's how it works

Linkedeyes works in partnership with local retail landlords and agents to refresh vacant retail properties and in turn making flexible and impactful advertising opportunities available to local businesses


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Select the local areas and campaigns you wish to deliver. Online social media campaign support is also provided. Coming soon, Integrate activity and insights to tools you using like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo etc 


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We will help your business create the perfect display advertising strategy with design and content integrated with your existing digital marketing and sales activities. Gain access to expert advice and our designers included in our subscription cost.

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Connect with thousands of customers and prospects in local high street locations. Regular and coordinated updates to content with tailored social media support to drive your campaign objectives backed by advice, insights and reporting.


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Get your business on local London High Streets 

Linkedeyes provides businesses with high visibility display advertising opportunities across prominent local London High Streets. Our network is changing and growing as new locations come on line.

Supporting local business, landlords and the community

Linkedeyes works with landlords and community organisations to improve local high streets by uplifting vacant retail properties and enabling local advertising and community information opportunites